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s e n s e   o f   h o m e
making connections with our domesticity

What does it mean to belong somewhere? How can you call a place “home”, but

most importantly how do you describe it or feel it? What makes a space a safe

microcosmos to grow and belong?

hanging shell
sense of home 02-.png
garden carpet

Many of us choose to leave our so-called “home- town”, but for others, it is not a choice, it is imperative. In this current migration process, not just protection is needed but also searching for connection. Through this textile hut, Iʼm looking for a “sense of home” that connects me with the territory as identity skin, an open refuge for belonging and transforming ourselves. Think about an evolving home, a transitive space that interacts with you at the same time that you grow, a life cycle itself that breathes, drinks, smells, and feels like home. At this time, I invite you to explore how Iʼm feeling at home right now, from a domesticity perspective, a vital part of my identity under construction, which through interwoven textiles shapes me within the time.

weaved baskets
embroidery details
bioceramic with coffee ground waste and scoby

This project is made with fique, a natural fiber, from recycled coffee bags from Colombia. This fiber was unraveled, naturally dyed, felted and weaved in baskets, crochet and embroidery techniques to talk about a changing territory, as a way of transformative grounding. From sacred geometry and organic flow, this “sense of home” stands out as an ancestral cosmogony that is reflected in our need to bond with our present as a conscious living for tomorrow.

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