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p a s e o  d e  o l l a
a cooking pot trip through Colombian rivers

A traditional day road trip outside my mother’s family city, Villavicencio, made with my family to the nearest river in Los Llanos Orientales with the purpose of gathering together, swimming, playing, cooking and eating Sancocho, and enjoying life.

A sancocho soup is made with local ingredients such as plantain, corn, potatoes, chicken, and onion, among other ingredients and it is enjoyed at the end of the day as a conclusion before a diving adventure in the river. Once the sancocho is served, my family gathers around a bonfire with a pot over it, where red plastic dishes (my grandmother's famous ones) pop up among all the nature in which some sides are distributed and everyone begins to enjoy the food, in which one's nibbles heat our wet clothes and hearts. Consequently, as one does when they are cooking, to follow the recipe with some improvisation, this project is made. This piece presents the recipe in layers, which were made to connect diverse feelings into a whole memory, as a communal cooking pot by the river, a hanging piece that creates a gathering experience and transports you to Paseo de Olla. My memory of it is translated into the most remarkable elements and textures I could recall. Where plantain, in many forms is explored due to its family and historical Colombian meaning, it is presented through a combination of metal pieces, corn husks, onion dyes, plastic bags, recycled plastics, cotton fabrics, natural yarns, and red embellishments on particular textile layers.

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A short road trip outside the city made with family or friends

to a countryside landscape.



A usually rounded metal or earthen container used fro purposes,

like cooking, which gets burnt easily because of its material.


For making Paseo de Olla possible, I cooked a lot of meals, in which experimentation was vital as a way of tasting.

It involved color, natural dyes, bundle dye, basketry techniques, crochet, knitting, paper making and bioplastic recipe. 

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