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p a r a m o  s u n s e t
an ethical capsule collection of skin from nature

This capsule collection is inspired by Colombian paramos’ sunsets, which color our skin with delicate and warm colors. It’s created of three basic pieces, a pant, a coat, and a t-shirt which can be adapted in many different ways to diverse bodies and genders. 


All pieces are made by hand by artisans and seamstresses with raw materials such as organic cotton and hemp fiber, also with recycled fabrics of cotton and plastic. On the other hand, each piece was colored with natural dyeing from local flowers and fruits to create a unique and environmentally sustainable capsule collection.


Paramo Sunset is born from the interior of the human being full of perceptible experiences, dreams, and changes; making a journey through our roots to endure in time, to be body and soul at the same time. It is a proposal that rescues local artisan techniques, ancestral materials, and natural dyes for the exteriorization of the garments where a soul of the present lives with beats of the past as sunset does.

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