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m e m o r i a   d e   u n a   p é r d i d a
a memory of a loss
How can we deal with the unexpected loss of a being?

This space blossoms from a blurred personal experience of losing someone in the midst of the Colombian violence period, and alike shared circumstances that lead me to think about loss as life, a connector thread, one that seems to be hidden but one we carry every day. A thread that is full of memories and inner feelings about the void that a loved one left behind.


With this piece, I would like you to connect with your own void and experience of loss, and shape a space for intangible manifestations embodied in diverse textile explorations. Here, the making is a medium to express yourself, by choosing pieces of personal memories to connect with others and make present the void, one that is fragile, transitory, blurred, unsteady, but mostly, it is alive.


Each piece explores the multiplicity of feelings, states of matter, and personalities we embodied when we lose someone. I mainly used fique, a raw and strong thread that connects a country, Colombia, by felting it, naturally dyed, crocheting, weaving, and embroidery, a material that is strong but sensible and malleable at the same time.


By bringing fragile and ephemerals materials like bioplastics, coffee grounds agar bioplastic, and alive organisms such as scoby yeast, our emotions could be explored as sensible moments encapsulated in time, in this case, textiles that could be touched and chosen to be part of us.

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