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g r o u n d e d
from the soil to your table
for Decolonized & Decarbonized Dinner Party workshop 
Parsons School of Design - spring 2022

Decolonized & Decarbonized Dinner Party was born as an interdisciplinary exhibition to portray eating as a critical factor of climate change concern. In this opportunity, a group of students from Parsons School of Design performs a dinner table in New York City, after having a series of workshops about decoloniality and sustainability, to enphazise care networks around food security inside our local communities.


For this reason, we get together as textiles creatives, industrial designer, scientists, writers, architects, to speculate, re-imagine and wonder about ritual of eating and their impact in our surroundings, by putting together a table with material experiments, samples, ongoing projects that shape a "conventional" table but one that is carbon zero, where everything such as dinnerware, food leftovers, lines and decoration returns to the land in the most conscious way.


As an experimental proposal, I asked myself about everyday leftover, the ones that we usually ignore because they can decompose" easily", but we don't have the time to get inmerse in their life cycle.


Working with coffee grounds, recycled fique, recycled paper and tea leftovers, it is possible to reimagine the way we set a "unique table", a table everybody is going to remember, not because it is going to last for ever in our kitchen, or it is going to be thrown away one dish later, but because it has reused what we have eaten earlier that morning.

From the ground, seeds, fibers, breakfast,  morning routines, packing tools, written letters and newspaper, there is a bowl, a plate, a dinerware set to be returned in an ethical life cycle inside the land we live in.

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