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a b r a z a r
an identity skin of compassion

I’m not separate from the other’s suffering, 

I’m able to change suffering into comfort, resilience and love, 

I feel deeply connected with others feelings, beyond empathy, 

I feel I need to help, I need to be vulnerable. 

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"abrazar" is a layer of skin, which is able to understand the vulnerability of others and oneself to embrace it. 

It is a skin that heals itself through the understanding of pain and suffering. abrazar is a verb in spanish language that means to hug, the action of rolling the other with our arms, an action that is carried not only to the physical body of others but to the immaterial one, abrazar is to embrace everything that ails, that hurts, it is to feel deeply and to be able to cure with all your power.


This is a sensitive piece, soft and fragile at the same time, clear and diffuse, based on a mixture of emotions, so pure and typical of human beings. Sometimes we decide not to feel it, but always we refer to it as home, because compassion is protection, it is stability and strength from the fragile and vulnerable of existence.  

When you hug yourself and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay, 

when you accept yourself with everything you are and were, 

hug your inner child, the one who lived with secret pain. 

The different girl, the woman always in the clouds 

who finds shelter in her shell to protect her heart,

hug and forgive yourself, that’s compassion. 

Thus, that girl who was silent, 

also hid her pain of loss and disappearance 

trying to get compassion out of her. 

When you embrace other’s differences 

to feel their vulnerability, 

feel it to your nerves, 

Compassion is feeling others’ suffer as one’s own 

it is crying for others and with them, 

hug their sadness and snuggle in silence 

To feel compassion through that warm hug 

sometimes broken but always home 

like skin is. 


But it is also wanting to escape, to leave everything and forget 

Compassion is not always there 

sometimes infinite pain replaces it 

an incessant rage, 

so you learn how to let it drop and not feel deep 

sometimes it’s wanting to let go of everything and maybe hate. 

Compassion makes us humans 

although, sometimes I choose not to feel it and ignore it 

it is the one that makes me weak and at the same time supportive 

it makes me permeable 

sensitive in the midst of struggle 

and above all home, home everywhere. 

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This project is made with fique, a natural fiber, from recycled coffee bags from Colombia. This fiber was unraveled, naturally dyed, felted and weaved in baskets, crochet and embroidery techniques to talk about a changing territory, as a way of transformative grounding. From sacred geometry and organic flow, this “sense of home” stands out as an ancestral cosmogony that is reflected in our need to bond with our present as a conscious living for tomorrow.

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